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Educational technology for mathematics teaching and learning

The purpose of this course is to familiarize teachers with ICT tools that can be used in the mathematics classroom. Teachers will reflect on their practices and they will develop their competences in applying the inquiry- and project - based learning approach with the assistance of technological tools. They will collaborate in designing lessons they will then use for their classes.

Target group

Mathematics teachers from primary to university who wish to integrate ICT tools in their teaching and enhance their effectiveness in applying learner-centered approaches.


To analyze and integrate digital tools and math apps in mathematics teaching so as to apply learner-centered approaches more effectively.

Participation in this course can be funded by the Erasmus+ Programme (Key Action 1, Mobility project for school education staff). See "Fees & Funding" for further assistance and guidelines on how to apply for an Erasmus+ KA1 grant.

The Structure


To learn about creating digital curriculum in mathematics and designing meaningful digital resources.


Τhe OPEN MATH Summer School is based on three pillars. Find out more about them.


To ensure the proper preparation for the training course an c will act as a main hub of communication and for sharing and distributing preparatory material with the participants.


At the end of the course, following the presentation of their work on the last day of the course, participants will receive a training certificate that confirms the successful completion of the course and its objectives.

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